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Career Counseling

I work with men and women, 18 years and older, with career and vocational counseling. I work with recent graduates, successful professionals dealing with transitions and stress at work, career changers, and stay at home parents returning to the workforce.


I use a systematized approach in working with career clients depending on their unique situation and goals. If the client is truly in a position of change and action, career counseling moves in a very fluid manner. Utilizing interest and personality assessments, dialogue, career theory and on-line information to educate on industries and types of work, most clients obtain clarity and direction within 4-6 sessions. If clients are not as ready for immediate action, career counseling is still effective in helping clients focus on their goals for employment and what is needed for them to move into action when the time is right.


I assist clients in resume writing, preparing for interviews, salary negotiation discussions and informing managers of his/her decision to leave the company or a specific position within the company in a positive manner.


Assisting clients with career decisions is energizing and meaningful. When client’s make decisions based on self-insight, intention, clarity of goals, strategic planning, research and productive networking, they move into action naturally with confidence and minimized stress or worry. This results in successful professional and personal outcomes.


“Buried in your heart is a powerful knowing, telling you what you would love to dedicate your life to” – Dr. John F. Demartini.

What to Expect from Career Counseling

  • Personality and Interest inventory

  • Aptitude testing

  • Career change counseling

  • Evaluate education 

  • Evaluate work backgrounds

  • Advise students on courses

  • Help with choosing schools or programs

  • Help students find sources for financial support

  • Practice job skills (interviewing, resume writing and networking)

  • Help in where to look for jobs. 

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