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College Readiness

Major selection, transitioning to college personally and academically, picking the right college for YOU

Working with juniors and seniors in high school is such a privilege. Major and college selection is the first major decision most of these young adults have to make. With these decisions comes a lot of stress and confusion since they may not be comfortable with their own decision making yet. They have the parental influence, other family members input, teachers, advisors, deadlines, grade performance stress and comparing themselves to their friends and classmates. This time in their life can be extremely stressful. They do not have the life experience of knowing the outcomes of their decisions or have the maturity to think through the issues their parents want them to consider. This can cause the student to withdraw, heated arguments in the home and a lot of fear and frustration. In elementary and high school students are told when to show up, what assignments must be done, extracurricular activities and sports they should participate in. College is a big unknown. I enjoy working with high school students to help them become confident in their decisions as far as area of study, selection of the right college for them and to enjoy this time in their life!


I work in a systematic approach using assessments to discuss their interests, personalities, hobbies, dreams, future career goals. From these assessments’ students start to see a pattern of types of majors that may be a good fit for them as well as types of careers/jobs. From there we discuss types of schools, size, distance, academic offerings, sports, activities, on campus resources. Students will then narrow down their choices and visit the schools so they can determine the academic as well as the personal fit. From these sessions, students start to see their future, feel more confident and begin creating their college plan. This confidence and vision assist students in having more productive and less stressful conversations with their parents. This empowers them to take initiative or at least ne a part of the process in handling the paperwork side of college, i.e.: applications, financial aid, scholarships, etc.

Most students have an internal direction and college preparation sessions help them to recognize this internal drive and to listen and take action so they are confident and successful in transitioning to college.


I worked as a college counselor and academic advisor at Delaware County Community College in Media from 2012-2018. I enjoy working with college age students and helping them develop stronger intrapersonal decision-making, study skills, time management skills, effective communication and independence so they grow as successful and confident self-directed learners. In working with students at DCCC and recent high school graduates, I incorporate my experience in helping new high school clients preparing for their next chapter, COLLEGE!

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