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Specializing in the care of
individuals 18 years or older.

Support and empower clients dealing with:



Relationship Issues

Divorce/Life Transitions


Grief and Loss


Adult Life Transitions

Pre-Marital Counseling

Family Conflict and Communication

I enjoy meeting with and offering one on one personalized therapy for individuals facing stress or feeling stuck in certain areas of their lives. These times in our lives may lead to feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and fear. Having a professional counselor to meet with and discuss concerns and identify goals and next steps is energizing and empowering. 

I am a skilled career counselor, assisting clients to find greater fulfilment in their current careers or assisting them in transitioning into other fields. 

I work with women and men with successful professions and lives who are dealing with accumulated stress and need support in regaining balance within themselves and their lives so they feel strong and well to address their own needs and those of their loved ones and clients. The ability to meet with a therapist and develop strategies for support and balance make improved changes in our lives quicker than we thin


I work with high school students and their parents preparing to go to college and those in college but adjusting to this new chapter in their lives so they are successful, motivated and independent young adults. 

I enjoy working with middle management and senior-level executives managing multiple responsibilities with employee relations, production, profitability, maintaining brand excellence and balancing personal lives and self-care. 

I facilitate women's workshops focusing on women in transition including motherhood, staying at home, returning to work, facing empty nests or confronted with unexpected separation-divorce in the marriage. 

I offer support to individuals grieving the death of a loved one, the ending of a marriage or the unexpected termination of a job.

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