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Rosemarie Kurtz

My Affiliations:

  • ACA (American Counseling Association)

  • NBCC (National Board Certified Counselor)

  • PCA (PA Counseling Association)

My goal in offering counseling services is to support clients in creating a more empowered life for themselves and their loved ones.


My approach to helping is providing you a safe place to discuss issues affecting your relationships, work, and emotional well-being. Often times we are unaware of how much responsibility and commitments we carry that we do not have time to take care of ourselves until we are sick, resentful or overwhelmed, feeling powerless.


I am a direct, compassionate and supportive listener. My goal is to assist you in identifying areas to relieve pressure or problems in your life. I believe most stress comes from having self-goals that may not align with the expectations of others in our personal relationships or work responsibilities.


In turn, the lack of focus and support to ourselves leads to problems of self, our relationships and in our careers. We do have choices in the decisions, actions, and behaviors we take. In meeting with me, we address your issues that bring you to counseling, set goals and collaborate through discussion on the areas of your life that you need more support, action or attention.


I feel fortunate to meet and work with clients motivated for change and a happier more peaceful existence even though they have busy lives. I am focused on encouraging results that lead to a more confident, focused and insightful client that has clarity on the changes and steps needed to experience loving, healthy and fulfilling lives.

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